Photon counting system for precise particle sizing - Photocor-PC

Photocor-PC consists of photon counting unit and power supply. Photon counting unit includes collimating optical system, single-photon PMT and amplifier-discriminator. Two models of the photon counting units are available:

Photocor-PC1: Single-PMT unit for routine measurements.

Photocor-PC2: Quasi-crosscorrelation two-PMT unit for precise wide-range particle sizing including the smallest particles in range of 1-10 nm (shown on the photo).


Output pulse level TTL (+2.5 V)
Pulse width 10 ns
Nonlinearity 3% to 1 Mcps
Quantum efficiency 10% (at 633nm)
Maximal count rate 25 Mcps
Dark count rate < 300 cps
PMT Hamamatsu R6358-10 *
Power supply -1000 V, +5 V, -5 V
Dimensions 160 x 70 x 60 mm
Weight 0.7 kg

* counting and spectral characteristics correspond to specification of PMT