Particle size and zeta potential analyzer Photocor Compact-Z

Photocor Compact-Z


  • Photocor Compact-Z model are suitable for particle size and zeta potential measurements.
  • Particle size measurements in opaque dispersions are available in back-scattering mode.
  • Fast measurements and high reproducibility of results.
  • Simple procedure of sample preparation, small sample volume. Using various square and cylindrical optical cells including flow-through cuvettes.
  • High-sensitive APD photon counting system.
  • Different options are available that allows selecting the best instrument for your applications and budget.


Measurement range Particle size: 0.5 nm to 10 µm 1 (diameter)
Diffusion coefficient: 10-5 ... 10-10 cm2/s
Sample volume Particle size measurements: 50 µL to 4 mL
(Zeta potential measurements: 1 mL to 2 mL)
Scattering angle 20°, 90°, 160° 2 (for measurements in opaque samples)
Signal processing Auto- and cross-correlation operation modes. Linear and logarithmic (multiple-tau) time scale. True real-time operation up to the fastest sample-time of 10 ns
Laser TEC stabilized diode laser 638 nm, 25 mW 3
Thermostat Temperature range: 5°С - 90°С, accuracy 0.1°С
(thermoelectric module)
Zeta potential Analysis methods: Electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), Phase analysis light scattering (PALS)
Dimensions / weight / power 350 x 360 x 144 mm / 12 kg / 100…220 V, 80 W

1 - depends on the optical characteristics of the samples
2 - available option
3 - other models are available upon request