Publications - 2011

Effect of secreted Rpf protein on intracellular contacts in Micrococcus luteus and Mycobacterium smegmatis cultures
V. D. Nikitushkin, G. R. Demina, A. S. Kaprelyants
Microbiology, 2011, ISSN: 0026-2617, 1608-3237, Volume: 80, Issue: 2, Pages: 143-149, DOI: 10.1134/S0026261711020123

Effects of shape and charge of colloidal gold nanoparticles in colorimetric determination of DNA sequences
T. E. Pylaev, V. A. Khanadeev, B. N. Khlebtsov, L. A. Dykman, V. A. Bogatyrev, N. G. Khlebtsov
Colloid Journal, 2011, ISSN: 1061-933X, 1608-3067, Volume: 73, Issue: 3, Pages: 368-377, DOI: 10.1134/S1061933X11020104

Experimental and theoretical investigation of loss of coherence on scattering of a beam with helical wavefront
Ashok Kumar, R. P. Singh
Optics Communications, 2011, ISSN: 0030-4018, Volume: 284, Issue: 6, Pages: 1510-1516, DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2010.11.066

Features of the motion of particles suspended in liquid under an applied field
S. V. Krivokhizha, E. S. Lapteva, L. L. Chaikov, D. M. Shapovalova
Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, 2011, ISSN: 1068-3356, 1934-838X, Volume: 38, Issue: 4, Pages: 111-119, DOI: 10.3103/S1068335611040051

Formation of dipole nanoclusters in blood serum protein solutions containing europium and potassium ions
T. N. Tikhonova, G. P. Petrova, Yu M. Petrusevich, K. V. Fedorova, V. V. Kashin
Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 2011, ISSN: 0027-1349, 1934-8460, Volume: 66, Issue: 2, Pages: 190-195, DOI: 10.3103/S0027134911020172

Formation of nanocrystalline structures in the Ln2O3-MO2 systems (Ln = Gd, Dy; M = Zr, Hf)
V. V. Popov, V. F. Petrunin, S. A. Korovin, A. P. Menushenkov, O. V. Kashurnikova, R. V. Chernikov, A. A. Yaroslavtsev, Ya V. Zubavichus
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, ISSN: 0036-0236, 1531-8613, Volume: 56, Issue: 10, Pages: 1538-1544, DOI: 10.1134/S0036023611100184

Formation of polyelectrolyte microcapsules with chemically bound adsorbed molecules of fluorescein isotiocyanate and their destruction under laser action
A. N. Baranov, T. V. Bukreeva, I. V. Marchenko, G. S. Plotnikov, A. M. Saletsky
Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 2011, ISSN: 0027-1349, 1934-8460, Volume: 66, Issue: 5, Pages: 427-431, DOI: 10.3103/S0027134911050043

Hydration of Gelatin Molecules in Glycerol–Water Solvent and Phase Diagram of Gelatin Organogels
Shilpa Sanwlani, Pradip Kumar, H. B. Bohidar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2011, ISSN: 1520-6106, Volume: 115, Issue: 22, Pages: 7332-7340, DOI: 10.1021/jp201877d

Hydrodynamic and Molecular Properties of Hyperbranched Copolymers Formed by Pentafluorophenylgermane Hydrides
Elena Tarabukina, Arkady Kozlov, Maria Simonova, Alexander Filippov, Olga Zamyshlyayeva, Yuri Semchikov
International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 2011, ISSN: 1023-666X, Volume: 16, Issue: 6, Pages: 369-376, DOI: 10.1080/1023666X.2011.595960

Identification of a new bioregulator acting in ultralow doses in bulb onion (Allium cepa L.)
O. G. Kulikova, V. P. Yamskova, A. P. Il’ina, D. V. Margasyuk, A. A. Molyavka, I. A. Yamskov
Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 2011, ISSN: 0003-6838, 1608-3024, Volume: 47, Issue: 4, Pages: 356-360, DOI: 10.1134/S0003683811040077