The Photocor instruments come standard with the original user-friendly software package. The Photocor software includes an easy-to-use set of programs to control a measurement process and to perform data fitting and analysis. This software package provides support to various experimental procedures - from elementary to most sophisticated. If one needs to develop his/her own environment to control measurements and perform data analysis, the code of the library containing all low-level correlator control functions and procedures is also available.

Photocor software

To simplify measurement control and data analysis, the Photocor software has its own built-in command Interpreter to develop and use various sets of commands that together accomplish an assigned task. The Interpreter includes all possible commands that may be accessed via menu or dialog windows. It can be used fruitfully as a part of a larger arrangement due to the possibility of dynamic data exchange with other applications. A user can install his/her own routines of raw data interpretation directly to the Interpreter. A complete on-line context-sensitive help that can be used without interrupting the work in the Interpreter is provided. The help on the keyboard as well as on selected commands, open dialog windows, or messages is available, or can be browsed through as a general reference.

Dynals software

Dynals is well-proved and popular software for data analysis in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy. Dynals combines unprecedented speed and ease of use with multiple methods of data analysis. Dynals utilizes proprietary computational algorithms providing fast and reliable automatic solution of the associated ill-posed mathematical problem. Its unique user interface allows multiple data sets to be processed with the results presented simultaneously. Extended output capabilities allow easy integration of results into different third party presentation software and well as direct export into documents, presentation and image handling software.

Dynals software