Precise two-stage thermostats with distributed heater and TEC cooler, controlled by PID device

Thermostat Photocor-TC consists of two temperature-controlled shells: internal shell with distributed heater, temperature stabilized via PID controller, and independent external shell with provision for temperature control via external circulator or chiller. Thermostabilization is possible by using any shell separately or in combination both shells.


Temperature range 10°C ... 110°C, accuracy 0.1°C
Temperature control Internal PID, external circulator/chiller
Sensor Platinum temperature sensor 100 Ohm
Heater 30 Ohm, distributed
Sample cells Square (12.5x12.5 mm, 12x12 mm)
Cylindrical (diameter 8, 10, 17, 27 mm)
Immersion unit Cylindrical (diameter 60 x 40 mm)
Sample cell compartment Diameter 70 x 85 mm
Dimensions Diameter 125 x 155 mm
Weight 1.8 kg