Correlator Photocor FC

Photocor FC

The key part of the particle size analyzer is a digital real-time correlator, which defines the basic features of the particle-sizing instrument. The operation algorithm of Photocor correlators exactly corresponds to the mathematical definition of the time-dependent correlation function. It enables one to reach the highest efficiency of the signal analysis and high precision of particle sizing.

State-of-the-art design of the single-board Photocor correlators is based on the latest flex-logic integrated circuits and the fast digital signal processors. The Photocor correlators are completely self-sufficient hardware devices, which accumulate data by itself without interfering with PC program operations. The correlators are optimized for light scattering applications, but they can be used as a powerful instrument of signal analysis in many others fields including velocimetry, acoustics, astronomy, etc.

The correlator Photocor FC is a multipurpose real-time device for auto- and cross-correlation measurements built on the software-configurable flex-logic integrated circuits. A capability of further software upgrade of hardware functions is the unique feature of the Photocor FC correlator. Currently, the software for multiple-tau and linear time-scale regimes are available. A number of real-time configurations will be developed in the nearest future (two/four correlators, analyzer of probability distribution, spectrum analyzer). Customer programs (algorithm of the device operation) will be available as well. This is the first correlator with such features.


Processing 32 bits
Input frequency 100 MHz
Capacity of each channel (hardware) 48 bits
Minimum sample time (true real-time operation) 10 ns
Maximum sample time 1 h
Number of channels 288
Multiple-tau mode 35 sections x 8 channels, factor 2
Number of monitor channels 72
Operation modes autocorrelation; cross-correlation
Prescaling not required
Processing algorithm hardware
Living monitor of probability distribution hardware
Interface PCI, USB
Dimensions 125 x 110 mm
Power requirements 5V x 0.5A